Sunday, December 6, 2009

... Surprise!! ...

Like what i promised you i'll tell what event a.k.a party last night that i wanted to attend.
Its suppose to be a surprise Thank You party for Coach Victor.
We've planned it about 2 weeks already and we thought that everyone understands about what are we going to do.
So, after all foods and drinks were all set the around 7P.m we gather at 1 place and we all went to coach house together. Except for Dylan.
So, on our way to coach house my phone rang, its Dylan calling me
i ask Arthur to answer it because im driving that time
his conversation as follows;


apa mau kau?

ada apa di rumah saya? Makan2 apa lagi di rumah saya?

huh? sepa ni?
*looking at the phone

Huh?..urm.. tdk dingar owh. putus2

Makan2 apa lagi di rumah sy ni malam?

Siapa ni? Dylan ka?

Coach vic ni. sy sama dylan la ni.

Huh? urm.. tdk dingar owh. nnti sy kol balik.

Did you get it?
Just because of Dylan does'nt understand what the planned is, he accidently let coach victor about us trashing his house that night with a surprise party.
But, we dont blame him. He does'nt understand the plan.

We have fun last night. Everyone done their parts as what we have planned. But, some of them can't make it. Dont' worry guys, theres always next time.
We're planning to do the club christmas party again. But, we have'nt discuss about it yet. This time we're going to do it in a large scale.hahaha. Hopefully la..

So, thats about it. Thats all i wanted to share with you about the so called Surprise party last nite.
Until next time then.
See ya!!!

P/s FlyinCoffin always love his reader. *itu pun kalau ada orang visit my blog.haha

Saturday, December 5, 2009

.. Effin' Happy ..

Today was a great day!~!
I started my day with a smile on my face.
Then i drove the car to KK, sending someone to work.
I ate Singapore laksa as my breakfast + lunch today. *hehe
.. Rite now im sitting in front of the laptop after cooking for tonight event. I can't say to much about the event because its a secret. If i wrote here about the event it won't be surprise anymore rite? So i'll just tell you guys about it after i get back from the so called PARTY.hehe

So, i'll tell you guys about the event later alright?
I just wanted to take good bath and then get ready for the event.
Hopefully it when well as planned.

Ok, see you guys later!!

P/s FlyinCoffin always remember his love one

Thursday, December 3, 2009

.. Leaving on the jet plane ...

Counting the days that i have to spent it with my family & friends.
I'll be flying on the jet plane soon.
I'll be gone for quite sometimes.
I won't be have so much fun like what im having rite now.
I won't be able to meet my love's one often.

... But, its all about my future. So, i have to bare it.

p/s Flyincoffin always here

Since the last time...

This is the first post for the last few months since the last time i posted something here. Phew!! Its been a hard months for me. Too many activities and works i had accomplished for the past few months.

This December i will be busy helping my sister for her wedding day. *sigh. Another busy and tiring task up ahead. Hope i have enough energy to do it.
Im still on my goal to reduce my weight and gain muscles, since im gaining more weight just being at home for this past few months. So, im trying my best on it and hopefuly the effort on doing it bear a great result.As what Mdm Christina my Mandarin Lecturer in UiTM says
" Study like hell, Result like Heaven "So i took that advise as my motivation in doing my goal.

Last November I celebrated my 22nd Birthday. I would like to thank all my friends out there for wishing me during my b'day. A few days before i celebrated my b'day, we gather at Arthurs' house celebrating his 20th b'day. It went so great not until we sprayed him with snow spary. It felt so great sparying him. And guess what did i get in return during my b'day?? 2 eggs and 2 pails of water. Gosh! It was so cold because they suprised me in the middle of the night and the smell of the egg *yuks!!

Here are some pictures of my b'day and arthurs' b'day!!

after being splashed with eggs and cold water

Arthur covered with snow..hehe
he enjoyed it thou..:p

Arthur with his ROCKY..hehe