Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Somebody please tell me whats wrong being good?

 Ok, this maybe sound odd for you guys, but im confius rite now. Is being good to people shows that you make other people jealous or irritated with you? This things does happen to me.

  I've been appointed with this 1 position in a organization in a community. Everytime when these community organize an event i'll be the one who will be the most busiest person and no body had lend their hand to help me (although there are some hands that help me along the way). Im the one who have to think what to do and what to arrange. For those who are also in the same organization with me does nothing in making the event a success. But, if theres any mistakes on 1 of the event that were organize, i'll be the first person that will be blame on. Doesn't they realise that they does not help me do anything? Why must i be the one who been blame on the mistakes?
  I dont blame them, maybe I have done something wrong that make them dislikes me. But, should i carry all the burden that suppose been carry together with he organization? Like what a Malay proverb say " Berat sama di pikul, ringan sama di jinjing " does the proverb can b practic in our real life? what do say you? Give me your opinion.

  Well, rite now i have surrender my position to someone who deserve the post and i think this person will do much better work then me. Hope that the person who had been appointed to replace me can do his/her best on doing his duties.

  I hope this kind of cases does not happen to anybody else out there 'cause i know how does it feels.