Sunday, December 14, 2008

The SCHOKING news!~!~!

Ok.. Before i start talking about what the news is about.. You have to take a deep breathe and relax....






Linda Jasmine ( AF6 Dance teacher) are getting married with Que Haidar... WHAT?????!!!!!


I know some of you might speechless and cant imagine how on earth this can happen..hehehe

Saya tau pasal dorang mau kahwin pun from watching TV last night.. While im watching behind the scene of CicakMan 2 on astro ria, i saw this teeter above the screen.. " Untuk mengetahui butiran mengenai perkahwinan Linda Jasmine dan Que Haidar ikuti GALA TV ..bla..bla..bla.."

Que is so lucky to have Linda as his Wife.. Shes so beautiful and good in dancing..hehehe

Congratulation Linda & Que!!~!~!~!

Pandan Cheese Cake @>--'---

This cake is from Onelta.. She is very the RAJIN baking this cake..hehe.. Thanks once again..
Next time chocolate cake lagi ar..hehe
We'll make one for you next time..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pictures of the Concert

Sacred Heart Cathedral, KK

Some of the girls and guys of the choir member

Sir Dr Peter Low with one guy that i didnt recognise..hehehe

After their performance, taking pictures with His Grace Archbishop Datuk John Lee

Juliet with the youngest and the cutest choir member among all..hehe.. Isnt shes pretty?

Charleston and his friends with the guys choir member (tenor singer).. ada 1 choir member lagi tinggi dari Charleston, macam juluk saja tinggi dia.. tinggi betul tu org.. muda lagi..hehehe

Im still working on the recording that i made.. Wait until the next post..

Evening of Praise In Sabah with The Cathedral Choir of the Risen Christ Singapore

3rd December 2008.. I wont forget about this date.. This is my first time watching a live Choir from abroad.. And the performance is free.. No need to pay anything, but only to give out fund to the people who in need.. I just gave RM2, hope that i can give more to those less fortunate people.... Urm.. Well i'll tell you about the choir.. The choir is from The Cathedral Choir of the Risen Christ Singapore, its is established in 1970 by its Founder-Director, Sir Peter Low, it has served at the Parish of the Risen Christ, Singapore, for 32-years. It has sung internationally in Australia, England, France, Israel, Italy, Japan the Philippines, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, The USA, Vietnam and Wales. It performed twice for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in 1985 and 1997.

The choir has a strong tradition of public performance in aid of worthy causes both local and international, in line with its philosophy that music can also be put at the service of society.

Do you know that the choir member comprises of old and young choir member? Tidak kira tua atau muda, boleh juga join this group.. haha.. I wonder, macam mana mau join this choir group ar?hehehe..

I do have some photo and some clips of songs sang by the choir.. Although, photo and video does not allowed during the performance i do manage to record the songs sang by them.. hehehe.. Later i'll upload it for you to have a listen and give comment about the choir..

This is some of the photo that i manage to get;-

The souviner book

Ni muka orang yang tidak sabar2 mau start the concert..hehe

The Cathedral Choir of the Risen Christ Singapore

I'll upload the other photo in the next post...