Sunday, February 24, 2008

Talent serach online~!~!

  "Italentstar", the world first online talent search in Singapore, Malaysia, Philipines & Indonesia. When i heard about it, i quickly check it out and it seems to be quite interesting for those who are into being the next Online Superstar. I'm very interested & attracted with the concept of the contest and i even registerd for it.~hehehe~
  For those out there who wanted to be the next Superstar, i suggest you join the contest. For more information about the contest please log-on to
  Check it out guys!~!~!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bollywood Nite!~!~!

   Once again, its about our Bankers Nite. It had been postponed to 14th March.~phew!!!! I havent found my outfit yet. I dont know what to where yet!~! i havent made my decision yet. I only have a few weeks left before the day. What should i wear?! Thats the big question mark in my mind rite now. Should i wear according to the theme or should i wear not according to the theme? Aiyo!~!~! Im getting older each day 'coz too many things to think of.Argh!~!~!~!


     Gosh!~!~! Its been awhile since my last post. This week seems to be the busiest week i ever had. Our course Family day "Bankers Family Day" will be held at Kg. Luanti, Ranau on the 15th and 16th March. So, i had some serious thinking what the programme should be fill with. Im in charge of making the Tentative program and in charge on the Explore-race. Only God knows how stressfull i am thinking about what activities we wanna do there. After a half day of thinking i finally have an ideas of what activities to do. This activities re-call me back to my National Service Trainning on 2005, this activities were done during the MODUL KENEGARAAN & MODUL KEMASYARAKATAN (this modul is the best modul among all). So, hopefuly during our Family Day, the activities that i had plan work as what i wanted it to be.
  By the way, can you guys give me some ideas what task is suitable to put into my explore-race? Im doing it like Amazing Race style but a lil. bit twist on it. Do give me some ideas guys..~lolz(all in my mind is eating BUTOD.~hOohohoho)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

For the first time!!

Its my first time here. Posting my first shout-out to people ot there. Yuhuuu~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~
I dont have much to say rite now, maybe in a few days i'll have somethig to say. Rite now, i just can think about the performance of my class for our BANKERS NITE this 22nd Feb. 2008 at Beverly Hotel. I know some of you might say, " what? Beverly Hotel?", well, its the cheapest place they found to do such a low cost budget dinner. Last semester, my group(semester 5 BMD1B5) organize it at Putera Ballroom and our theme is 'Dazzles In White' and thats mean the dress code is all white. And God!! The night is so beautifull!!! Im the amcee for that nite. And that is my first time being an amcee after such along time leaving my high school.
  O.k, back to the performance. Im in semester 6 rite now, so, during the nite my class will perform and our performance is a Choir!!! Since my semester 2 we started to do choir and it seems to be our class tradition in doing choir and i feel great working my friends. A usuall i'll be the choir leader, i dont know why they always pick me, maybe because the passion that i have for music.~lolz.. thats true!! Im totally into music. So, rite now im working-out with my friend (Farrell-music coordinator) what songs we will sing during the night. Aiyo! So far the progress of searching for the suitable song are going well.
  Now, i would like to show you guy's some the picture from our last semester dinner. Hope you all enjoy it.