Saturday, December 3, 2011

This won't be a long post. I can't recall when is the last time I post something in my blog. I start missing my blog when I start following my friends blog. Ouw, wow! It must be fun rite people following your blog. Ok! I'll try to oftenly update my blog from now on.hehe. I might do some changes with my blog to look more edgy and up to date.hehehe. Pkey then, until next time!hehehe See ya!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hentam Saja La..!!..!!

Ok, to begin my post for this time, I would like to say that I totally fall in love with Annoying Orange. It is so funny. Whenever me & my friends watch it we'll re-act it back.hehe. Even my friend downloaded the videos from Youtube.
What am I gonna share with you today is to update you with the progress im making here in Samarahan, Sarawak. As you all know Im in my 2nd semester currently, taking Building Technology in UiTM. Building construction is our main subject from 1st semester until final semester here, so for this semester we are going to design and do some modeling of a One Stop Center which should emphasize the detailing of the local ethnics that we had choose. So, our group are doing Iban Longhouse and will be designing our building based on Iban culture. Theres a lot of ideas coming from all of my group members. We haven't decided yet which design that we want to go with. As long as the design is simple and easy to do the model.
Enough about the modeling and stuff, finally my bricks workshop are done and will be doing with timber during the next workshop. Yahoo!! Thats what i want to do during the first workshop but I've been picked to do the bricks first. Im so excited.
Hurm! its a very short semester this time. I'll be doing my best during this short time here. Thous there's a lot of things to do, but I'll try to squeeze my time to do some revision before the final examination that will be on November. Phew!! This time I wanted to get much better result. And this time I want Daddy to treat me with something if Im doing well again.hehehe. Hopefully la.
Ops!! Its time for me to stop writing! Its time for me to open my Structure book and do some calculating for tomorrows class. Hope you enjoy reading my post today & keep on reading it.hehehe.
See you guys again next time.

And ouw, I almost forgot, for those who know who am I talking to I L*** You. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Om for 1 day

Well i'll explain about the post title. Its the 1st week of Building Construction workshop at IKM Semariang. This semester we'll be doing two workshop which are Bricks & Woods. So during the 1st workshop we are divided into two groups, 1 group will be doing bricks for two weeks & the other group will be doing woods. So, im in the group which will be doing bricks [although i wanted to do the wood first then the brick]. So i just follow as what we have instructed to do. Bricks oh Bricks, now i know the feelings of those Filipino man working under pressure and tiredness. Sitting mixing the mortar, carry the bricks[ i think my muscles are getting bigger..hahaha]. So back to the story, our first week works are to know how to mix the perfect mortar mixture and how to do the joint between the bricks.
So after mixing the mortar and jointing the brick with 3layer of bricks here are the result of my work. Boh tetak mun sk kacak mek pun kerja.hehehe

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July - November

July is the month where i started my 2nd semester here in Samarahan. I will be spending my 4 months here full with books, model making, wood & brick workshop and many more. Last semester I manage to get a good result for my examination, I hope to maintain it until my last semester here.
For this semester we will be going to Sabah for our class trip. Last sem. we went to the East Malaysia [KL, Malacca & Perak]. It was an unforgetable memories for us. Me & my classmates together with my lecturer busy discussing about where to go and stay for our trip this sem.
Ok, lets stop talking about my study. Lets talk about what happened this last few weeks. Last week, Im shock with a sms send by my cousin (Arfendy). He read my blog! Hahaha.. And its surprised me, cause I don't aspect him to read my blog. Thou, he ask me to post more post in blog cause he like to read my blog. Thank God theres someone do read my blog.hahaha. So to make him happy, I'll try my best to post as many as possible so that he can have something to read in my blog. I know he must be homesick, so to ease his feelings i'll try to post story about our chilhood time..hahahaha.. Its kinda funny to re-call back the times when we were still young.haha.
Andy & me are 1st cousin, we have been thru so many this during our childhood. Playing at the back of the gym, skatebording while sitting on it (people usually standing on it but we played it in the different way. When to think about it, its kinda impressive of us to think a new way of playing skateboard). Ok2!! I'll be updating my blog again after i've finish searching for the info about the Iban Longhouse for my group Building Construction project.
So hope you who read my blog stay with me cause theres alot of stories that i wanted to share here.hehehe..
Until my next post..
Stay tuned~.~

Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 months later

Its been 3 months since i left Kg. Duvanson, Penampang, Sabah,Malaysia to go to a place call Samarahan, Sarawak. How am i doing rite now? Im doing all fine, in fact i think im doing great here. I getting to use with the language here, and trying to learn the language. Hopefully, i can master it before i leave for holidays this May.
I have experienced a lot here. From the language, the culture, the food and even the girls.hahaha. I've made a lot of new friends here, but still it won't be the same as my friends in DIB. I won't forget about all of you. I love my course here, I've learned a bunch of things that i used to see and now i have to do as well. For example, bending some steel bars, do leveling works besides the road and many more. I had so much fun doing it.
But, this passed months i have been missing home. I missed it a lot. Holidays is just around the corner, i'll bare with it. I can't wait to go back. There's a lot of things that i wanna eat and do.
Here's some pictures of my activity in my new place.

Friday, January 15, 2010

.. Mummy ..

Moms 8th anniversary Mass is today. Im sad that I can't join them in their prayer this year. But still i'll pray for here everyday.
I missed her alot. God must love her so much that she have to leave us that early.
The memory that i spent with her is still fresh in my mind.
The touch of her hands, The smiles on her face, The laughter that she always give us, The sounds of shes snoring *sorry mum, but i missed that alot too*, I missed alot of her.
Now is the moment of sadness for me where shes not around seeing me achieve what she always wanted me to achieve. Im doing this for my mum. She always gave me support in what ever i wanted to do, shes always gave me advices in doing whats better for me.

Mummy, if only you were here, i'll hug and kiss you like theres no tomorrow.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

... Surprise!! ...

Like what i promised you i'll tell what event a.k.a party last night that i wanted to attend.
Its suppose to be a surprise Thank You party for Coach Victor.
We've planned it about 2 weeks already and we thought that everyone understands about what are we going to do.
So, after all foods and drinks were all set the around 7P.m we gather at 1 place and we all went to coach house together. Except for Dylan.
So, on our way to coach house my phone rang, its Dylan calling me
i ask Arthur to answer it because im driving that time
his conversation as follows;


apa mau kau?

ada apa di rumah saya? Makan2 apa lagi di rumah saya?

huh? sepa ni?
*looking at the phone

Huh?..urm.. tdk dingar owh. putus2

Makan2 apa lagi di rumah sy ni malam?

Siapa ni? Dylan ka?

Coach vic ni. sy sama dylan la ni.

Huh? urm.. tdk dingar owh. nnti sy kol balik.

Did you get it?
Just because of Dylan does'nt understand what the planned is, he accidently let coach victor about us trashing his house that night with a surprise party.
But, we dont blame him. He does'nt understand the plan.

We have fun last night. Everyone done their parts as what we have planned. But, some of them can't make it. Dont' worry guys, theres always next time.
We're planning to do the club christmas party again. But, we have'nt discuss about it yet. This time we're going to do it in a large scale.hahaha. Hopefully la..

So, thats about it. Thats all i wanted to share with you about the so called Surprise party last nite.
Until next time then.
See ya!!!

P/s FlyinCoffin always love his reader. *itu pun kalau ada orang visit my blog.haha