Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to Be a singer

Becoming a singer is hard work. Knowing how to sing is only part of it. It takes confidence and dedication to pursue singing as a career. You need to follow your heart and not let anyone put you down because you have to believe that you have the voice of a true singer.


  1. Learn how to sing. This is the foundation of your career as a singer. While there are some performers making a career out of singing when they don't really sing all that well, it's those people who have their craft as singers and continually improve their form and ability who command the most respect as singers.
  2. Study singers whom you admire. How do they sing? How did they become professional singers? What kind of crowd do they cater too? What is their signature style? Don't totally copy them though, singers have to be unique!
  3. Begin taking voice lessons. Having a voice coach can really train your voice and, if you practice, you will notice marked vocal improvement within a few weeks. Voice training is important in strength and overall quality of your voice. You can also damage your voice if you aren't singing properly. Find which note your voice is most comfortable singing at and sing there a lot.
  4. Become comfortable as a performer. Get over your stage fright (if you have it) and start gaining some practical experience by singing wherever and whenever you get a chance to do so in front of a group of people (karaoke bars, parties, school talent shows, etc.). Connect with your listeners.
  5. Develop your own style. Experiment with different ways of singing and different types of music and find one that fits your personality and makes the most of your voice at the same time. You want people to be able to recognize your voice when they hear it.
  6. Get a Singing Job. No matter how well you can sing, you'll never be a successful singer if you don't convince people to pay you to do it. That could mean joining a band, singing at your local cafe, performing on Broadway, or even recording a jingle for a commercial--your goal is to make a living as a singer. Get to it!


  • When picking out karaoke music, know that you need to catch the audience in the first 30 seconds. Don't pick a song that isn't your best in those crucial moments.
  • Remember to always Be Yourself -- it'll help to create an honest performance when it's time to show off your voice.
  • Find the joy in singing. There's nothing like watching someone in their "element." If you love singing, then it'll show no matter how well you sing.
  • Believe and trust in yourself and don't assume that you know it all. It takes time to develop your sound AND your voice. It takes longer to convince people how great you are.
  • Always tell yourself you are the greatest. You might hear another singer who can hit a couple of tones above you, or whose voice clings as beautiful as singing birds, but don't let it get to you. Don't get too overconfident either. But, always think, in the back of your head, that you are the greatest.
  • Practice your songs at home, in the shower, in your car, anywhere and anytime! You'll never get better if you don't practice. Remember,Practice makes Perfect!
  • Relax and just be yourself. If you can't sing and there is absolutely no help for you at all, your audience will let you know in a kind but firm way.
  • Ask your family members to help you with their criticism. You need to take it and use it as editing your mistakes.
  • Drink water or other healthy drinks all the time. Soda's and coffee can ruin your vocal cords, so don't drink those at least 24 hours before a performance. Water is almost a must right before and after a performance but for best results, drink all the time but push it before and after a show.
  • HAVE FUN!!!