Friday, January 15, 2010

.. Mummy ..

Moms 8th anniversary Mass is today. Im sad that I can't join them in their prayer this year. But still i'll pray for here everyday.
I missed her alot. God must love her so much that she have to leave us that early.
The memory that i spent with her is still fresh in my mind.
The touch of her hands, The smiles on her face, The laughter that she always give us, The sounds of shes snoring *sorry mum, but i missed that alot too*, I missed alot of her.
Now is the moment of sadness for me where shes not around seeing me achieve what she always wanted me to achieve. Im doing this for my mum. She always gave me support in what ever i wanted to do, shes always gave me advices in doing whats better for me.

Mummy, if only you were here, i'll hug and kiss you like theres no tomorrow.