Saturday, February 16, 2008

For the first time!!

Its my first time here. Posting my first shout-out to people ot there. Yuhuuu~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~
I dont have much to say rite now, maybe in a few days i'll have somethig to say. Rite now, i just can think about the performance of my class for our BANKERS NITE this 22nd Feb. 2008 at Beverly Hotel. I know some of you might say, " what? Beverly Hotel?", well, its the cheapest place they found to do such a low cost budget dinner. Last semester, my group(semester 5 BMD1B5) organize it at Putera Ballroom and our theme is 'Dazzles In White' and thats mean the dress code is all white. And God!! The night is so beautifull!!! Im the amcee for that nite. And that is my first time being an amcee after such along time leaving my high school.
  O.k, back to the performance. Im in semester 6 rite now, so, during the nite my class will perform and our performance is a Choir!!! Since my semester 2 we started to do choir and it seems to be our class tradition in doing choir and i feel great working my friends. A usuall i'll be the choir leader, i dont know why they always pick me, maybe because the passion that i have for music.~lolz.. thats true!! Im totally into music. So, rite now im working-out with my friend (Farrell-music coordinator) what songs we will sing during the night. Aiyo! So far the progress of searching for the suitable song are going well.
  Now, i would like to show you guy's some the picture from our last semester dinner. Hope you all enjoy it.