Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1st Time Performing on Stage!~!~!~!

  For your information(hehehe..actually wanna tell the whole world if can), this friday i'll be performing on stage for the first time~!~! And Im so nervous... nasib my guitarist is Farrel (my best buddies in class) he is the most talented guitarist i ever met, and our interest are the same which is obses with MUSIC.. Im so into music and my fav. hobby is singing, dont believe me ask my sis. they all bosan already hear me singing at home..~lolz      Im telling u the truth....~lolz
By the way, i hope my performance is according to what i've plann with Farrell, and i hope that night
the most memorable night in my life ever.

  And i'll upload the video of me performing on stage rite after i get home. tidak sabar already this..Hehehe