Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nite that will be remember forever!~!~!

  Bankers nite.. WoW!.... I am speechless talking about this night. Like what i ave told you all the other day that 
that i'll be performing on thath night. Well, for me the performance were quite good, although there were some pitching problem and forgot some lyric.
  During that night, i am so nervous with the Campus director and his 2 vice-director in front of me and also my programme coordinator.
  On the stage before i sing, i feel o.k, but once i turn my head towards the VIP my nerves are getting bigger and bigger and my legs are shaking like hell. What an experience for me.
  My friend say that i sang very well, but once i forgot the lyric it became dull, but i manage to catch up with it.
  Later, i'll upload it to YouTube and let you all watch it and comment on my performance.