Sunday, February 15, 2009



Whats with February? I really dont know what special about this month? Maybe its the month of romance?hehe I dont know..

Well, February is so special because.... It only have 28days..~lol [does it make sense?] hehe

Lets share how do you celebrated your Valentines day.. For me, Valentines day does not differ from any other day, For me valentines is everyday, the different with 14th Feb. is all the prices going up twice [as what my sister say la]hahaha and banyak sangat orang mau celebrate sampai havoc betul tempat2 yg romantic {romantic la konon}hehehe.. So, lets share what is ur opinion about Valentines and how do you celebrated it..


queen quirin said...

Someone quoted what I've said but didn't put the link... punya laaa