Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh, My God!~!~!

... ha ha ha ha ... thats the only words that came to my mind when i remember that its been a long time i did'nt post anything in my blog.. lol .. That does'nt mean that i stop blogging at all, its just that i dont know whta else i wanted to post in here.. Theres been alot of things happen to me this past few months, its been ups and downs for me..

Theres been an undergoing renovation at mu house currently and the noise that the workers doing is so loud and it makes my ear feels like wanna blow.. lol although its just a minor renovation but still, it took them about 1 month already trying to complete their work.. hu hu hu..

For those my friend out there, who ever i had'nt sms or made any contact with u guys, im sorry.. Hope to see u guys soon.. Been missing u guys alot..

Currently im listening to Super Junior new single 'sorry sorry'.. Im so into Korean music rite now since the 1st time i heard the group DBSK..he he he..

Well, till the next post. hope to see u guys soon..