Friday, May 8, 2009

This is how u lose a million dollars!~!~!

This monday will be the highly rated reality Tv show which is my favorite one and had been watching this since the 1st season.. and it is.. The Amazing Race 14... Its now donw to the final 3 team competing for the 1,000,000 dollar.. Phweh!! can u imagine how much is that in Ringgit??.. Its now down to Tammy & Victor, Margei & Luke and Jaime & Cara.. I hope Tammy & Victor win, they are my favorite team in this competition.. And why do i choose them?? Because i want them to make asia proud..hehehe.. To be the 1st asian to win the competition.. Hu hu hu.. i cant wait to the final leg of this reality tv shows.. he he he

Tammy & Victor

Jaime & Cara

Margie & Luke

and last night there were also my favorite reality tv show, which is Survivor Tocantins.. Havent watch it yet, and will be watching it in a while (this blog were posted on saturday 09th..he he), and my favorite contestant in this show is T.j hope he still in this competition..ha ha ha..

well, for you out there who had the same interest like me, dont forget to share ur opinion about it with me..hehehehe

will, be blogging again after i had watch survivor later..

Thats all for now..