Saturday, December 5, 2009

.. Effin' Happy ..

Today was a great day!~!
I started my day with a smile on my face.
Then i drove the car to KK, sending someone to work.
I ate Singapore laksa as my breakfast + lunch today. *hehe
.. Rite now im sitting in front of the laptop after cooking for tonight event. I can't say to much about the event because its a secret. If i wrote here about the event it won't be surprise anymore rite? So i'll just tell you guys about it after i get back from the so called PARTY.hehe

So, i'll tell you guys about the event later alright?
I just wanted to take good bath and then get ready for the event.
Hopefully it when well as planned.

Ok, see you guys later!!

P/s FlyinCoffin always remember his love one