Thursday, December 3, 2009

Since the last time...

This is the first post for the last few months since the last time i posted something here. Phew!! Its been a hard months for me. Too many activities and works i had accomplished for the past few months.

This December i will be busy helping my sister for her wedding day. *sigh. Another busy and tiring task up ahead. Hope i have enough energy to do it.
Im still on my goal to reduce my weight and gain muscles, since im gaining more weight just being at home for this past few months. So, im trying my best on it and hopefuly the effort on doing it bear a great result.As what Mdm Christina my Mandarin Lecturer in UiTM says
" Study like hell, Result like Heaven "So i took that advise as my motivation in doing my goal.

Last November I celebrated my 22nd Birthday. I would like to thank all my friends out there for wishing me during my b'day. A few days before i celebrated my b'day, we gather at Arthurs' house celebrating his 20th b'day. It went so great not until we sprayed him with snow spary. It felt so great sparying him. And guess what did i get in return during my b'day?? 2 eggs and 2 pails of water. Gosh! It was so cold because they suprised me in the middle of the night and the smell of the egg *yuks!!

Here are some pictures of my b'day and arthurs' b'day!!

after being splashed with eggs and cold water

Arthur covered with snow..hehe
he enjoyed it thou..:p

Arthur with his ROCKY..hehe