Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July - November

July is the month where i started my 2nd semester here in Samarahan. I will be spending my 4 months here full with books, model making, wood & brick workshop and many more. Last semester I manage to get a good result for my examination, I hope to maintain it until my last semester here.
For this semester we will be going to Sabah for our class trip. Last sem. we went to the East Malaysia [KL, Malacca & Perak]. It was an unforgetable memories for us. Me & my classmates together with my lecturer busy discussing about where to go and stay for our trip this sem.
Ok, lets stop talking about my study. Lets talk about what happened this last few weeks. Last week, Im shock with a sms send by my cousin (Arfendy). He read my blog! Hahaha.. And its surprised me, cause I don't aspect him to read my blog. Thou, he ask me to post more post in blog cause he like to read my blog. Thank God theres someone do read my blog.hahaha. So to make him happy, I'll try my best to post as many as possible so that he can have something to read in my blog. I know he must be homesick, so to ease his feelings i'll try to post story about our chilhood time..hahahaha.. Its kinda funny to re-call back the times when we were still young.haha.
Andy & me are 1st cousin, we have been thru so many this during our childhood. Playing at the back of the gym, skatebording while sitting on it (people usually standing on it but we played it in the different way. When to think about it, its kinda impressive of us to think a new way of playing skateboard). Ok2!! I'll be updating my blog again after i've finish searching for the info about the Iban Longhouse for my group Building Construction project.
So hope you who read my blog stay with me cause theres alot of stories that i wanted to share here.hehehe..
Until my next post..
Stay tuned~.~


queen quirin said...

aits.. c any x baca ka sa punya blog..huhu kecian saya oooo

Juliet Felicity said...

napa andy tia baca blog sia? huhuhuhuh andy blog sia juga!!! ahahahah

Juliet Felicity said...

ohhh a msg to steve, don't be too active with ur school activities like last time.Do not sign as class president or ur course president or becoming an mc or anything that is not related to your study.Coz that is d thing that make u neglected ur study. Kan Quirin?

Yasuo Shimizu said...

Andy baca juga kmu pnya blog tpi dia malas mau comment.hahaha..
Hurm, jadi class rep sj ba. lgpun kmi bkn bnyak actvty.haha