Sunday, November 2, 2008

For the first time ever!~!~!~!

 Last Saturday was my 1st time going to any political convention.. Its my 1st experince going to such event.. For all this time i always believe im not going to be apart of the political field.. But after going to the convention i had the feeling that i'll become one of the politician one day (...Debush!~! Stop dreaming Steve!~!~! ) ~lol

  It quite okward for me to attend such event, but looking at the all deligates from the district all over Sabah, i felt that while attending such event the knot of friendship will be widen.hehehe

  During the event, i saw all kind of people.. People who loves to ingratiate.. People to took advantage.. and many more.. But, among all i love it when the people sang together with their heart to the party song.. The music arrangement of the song quite chicky.. I love so much.. I remembered the song until now.. I sang it all day..~lol

  But, i hope my dream will become a reality in the future so that i can make changes to our country for the sake of our people..


queen quirin said...

ya right... politican will always be a politican