Thursday, November 20, 2008

Survivor: Gabon Earth's Last Eden

Wow!~! Its the 17th season of the Americas most challenging reality TV shows.. Since its first series in Pulau Tiga, now its getting better and better.. And the contestants are getting smarter and smarter.. My favorite contestants is Ken, Ken is a world gaming champion, althou he is a geek, but he play well and smart..hehehe

And the location that they chooose is so perfect!~! Its so beautifull!! Its in Africa... With its wild animals, green forest, clear river.. theres no other place that as perfect as Gabon.. Watch YouTube and search for the clips from the series.. Watch it and you'll be a fan just like me...

And guest what?! In the Philippines, they also have the same reality shows as the Americans, and it is the first season its been aired.. The location of this competition is in Koh Tarutao, Thailand.. Urm.. Why dont they do it at their own country? They have a very large country? urm.. Biar la dorang.. yang penting best..hehehe... Recently i watch a scene from the show and it is on its Reward Challenge, guess what is their reward???

Babi Panggang!!

it does scare me at firsy, but, lama2 i realize that ever part of the world had its own way or preference of food, if di Sabah we had Hindung, Hinava, and other food that we cannot see at other place.. So, bila tengok dorang happy nampak reward macam tu, mesti rasa makanan tu sedap kan? Nampak macam sedap sj ba.. Macam Sasau kan?