Thursday, November 20, 2008

IM SORRY @>--------

Its been a busy and boring week for me... I dont have any ideas what to put rite here.. All this time, i've been spending my time playing this HIDDEN OBJECT games.. and im kinda bored already playing this games, it took me only 1 day to finish playing with it.. Fuh!~!~! Its not that easy to play, but i dont have any thing to do so i just play the games.. Somebody please tell me what other computer games that can help me with my boredem.. I dont like games such as Diner Dash, i hate it.. I dont know why..hehehe.. No offence to others that like play that kind of games..~lol

By the way, The Amazing Race Asia Season 3 just ended, and its the Hong Kong guys who is the winners.. I knew it already, since their are the only team that have an Ad with Sony, i've watch this Ad in YouTube 3 weeks before the seasin finale and after watching the clips, i knew that Sam & Vince will be the winner.. hehe
But, i must salute Ida & Tania with their effort to join the race, eventhou they doesnt win it, but atleast they had proven that Malaysian can be as tough as they want to be..hehehe{does it make sense?}.. Memang la saya mau dorang menang, but, sebab ticketing booth di Dubai FOOL dorang tidak dapat flight pg Bangkok.. If they can make the flight to Bangkok in Dubai, they may have the chance to win the race.. But, its not their luck to win... And i think after the race had ended the relationship between Geoff & Tisha will not last..hehe.. Ala, si Tisha malas suda dgn di Geoff, apa tidak suda la bikin panas tembirang lagi tu..~lol
Tapi saya harap dorang kahwin la cepat2 supaya dorang dapat anak then anak dia pun boleh jadi macam bapa dia..hahahaha

So, who will be the next team from Malaysia for the next season of Amazing Race Asia? Should i find a partner and send an audition tape?hehehe I've been dreaming joining this kind of competition, 'cause we can travel to the places that we wanted to go for FREE!~!~! hahaha

But, rugi la sebab we cant stay there for a long time, we cant shopping there..huhuhuhu

But if you win the US$100,000 you can spend a month staying where ever you wanted to go..


So, for my friends out there who have the same passion as i am, do tell me, so that we can plan what are going to do to join this contest..hehehehe