Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 resolution!~!~!

  A brand new year had come.. and everyone must have their own new year resolution.. Does this resolution important for me?.. Nah!!!!.. i dont think so.. I dont have any resolution this year.. For me, its not that really important.. It depends on the person itself, kalau ada azam baru pun kalau satu pun tidak tercapai tiada maknanya juga kan?.. Urm.. So better put aside whatever those resolution are, and try to achieve what ever that you are able to do..

 I dont know what else i wanna put here in my blog.. Well, im working out for my new photography session.. Im gonna model some clothes of my own collection..hehe.. But, i havent got the idea where and concept of the photo.. Give me some ideas please..hehe.. Kebuntuan already this..hehehe..

 and, im gonna post some of the pictures during christmas..hehe.. Banyak gambar candid la..hehe.. Especially mine..haha.. I'll keep on updating my blog nowadays..hehe.. Mudah2an..hehe


AbzZoNe said...

wahh.. hebat la u.. erm... if u model for urself, so who la yang will take the picture??? timing ka? hehehesenhinu