Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Total angpow recieved = RM 5.00

Its so sad to get only Rm5 for this year CNY, but its ok thou, atleast i got some money to spend..hehe... This Rm5 i receive from Aunty KK BB, Aunty Dympna, Aunty Juliet, Aunty Max & Aunty Aron { to those who their name were included.. faham2 la sendiri k? No need for me to give the details again}hehe..

For this year CNY, i only go to Membakut and Aunty Jenny's a.k.a Uncle Bat a.k.a Lala@Debra house at Taman Sabindo..hehe.. I have a great time in Membakut.. I met my cousins there M**sius (i dont know his real name..hehe), Bexter and si ADIK (ni lagi la tidak tau real name dia..ha ha ha..).. There the Three DEVIL force me to drink the drinks that i dont like.. Although, they know that im driving the whole way back to Putatan, they still insisted me to drink.. I drank 1 tin 1st, then i say "Cukup! mau driving balik lagi nanti ni".. Bexter, "Mana saya peduli!"... Damn!~!~! I say it to myself..hehe.. Then, after a few drinks Bexter and si ADIK well u know what happen after u drank those drinks..hehe.. They starting to talk funny and nonsense things.. Its quite fun spending time with my cousins that i rarely seen, and will met again this 7th Feb. .. This time at my place..haha.. Jaga kamu!!!..hehe..

Ok la, here some pictures for you to look at..hehehe...

we are just acting.. Look at the man in the middle.. Just like Malcolm in the Middle..hehe

This is the 2 EVIL BROTHER

from left: Bexter & si ADIK

si ADIK with his best buddies... THE TAJAU..

The two DEVIL brother drank this.. excluded me.. ( -_- )

I know what are you thinking rite now.. Its non-alcoholic ok.. Its just cordial..hehe

my upcoming projext is still in the process of photography session and some editing to do.. Wait it..hehehe.. Hope it turn to be a great project that i ever done in this new year..

Begin my new year with things that can make people masmerize..hehe

see ya soon!~!~!~!


queen quirin said...

anunnnnnntieeeeee..... F**k laaaaa...opssss sorie..hehhee RM5 jak? alalala punya la kedekut..mana suda RM50? :P