Friday, January 30, 2009


  This past few days, i've been busy helping my father with some works.. Puas saya merantau pegi kampung2 yang lama already i didnt go.. Time dulu2, masa budak2 lagi selalu go there with my friends and cousins using our BMX bicycle. Nowadyas, all of us are grown up and rarely using bike to go anywhere... jarang2 jumpa pun ada, yang tidak pernah jumpa pun ada..

  Helping my father out is enjoyable but yet it worn my energy up when we got home..hurmmm... After helping my dad out, i have my touition again at 7.00 till 9.00 P.M, so tired lo, sama macam people who work in the office already.. Although masa helping my father tu banyak rehat and makan but still buat me penat juga.. 

  Time2 tolong tu ada juga masa untuk my next project wasted, but its ok thou.. Helping my dad kan, apa la juga kan?

  Next week lagi la busy, got so many things to do again.. urm.. dah la, azam mau update blog as long as i got something to say..hehehe.. Tapi tidak apa, nnti i update juga tu..

  When i read my friend blog {} about his grandma, I terus teringat my mom{terjawab semua persoalan}, its been 6 years since my mom left us.. Although, its already 6 years but I can still feel her right beside me. I still remember her laughter, how she always mad at us, giving some advise to us, encouragement and many more things that a mother have to do to her children.. The first year she left us, I felt so empty, me and my siblings tidak banyak gelak ketawa, we spend most of our time sharing the past experience with mummy.. And I still remember the last wish my mum ask to me before i got my PMR result, she say to me " Kau tidak mau masuk MRSM?" and i answer her, " Ba, mummy beli la borang dia. Kalau dapat lagi saya suka." But, her wishes never come true. I didnt go to MRSM. But, i have prove to mum that i'll be strong and achieve what she always wanted me to be. She will always be in our heart forever.. My God Bless Mum..

  Sedih gak bila ingat orang yng kita sayang sudah tinggalkan kita kan? Marah pun ada, kenapa orang yang jahat2 tidak mati dulu? Kenapa orang yang baik2 & yang kita sayang yang dulu meninggal kan kita?   That is our feeling when we lost somebody that we love, but God got his own plan..

  Well guys, thats what i have in my mind rite now.. Im currently downloading my favorite Tv show GOSSIP GIRL..hehe.. This story is so COOL, cerita dia pasal teenager yang kaya2 di Upper East Side, NY.. Well, panjang lagi cerita dia if me bagi cerita di sini.. Better you tengok sendiri la.. Sekarang suda masuk season 2 suda.. Ba, go and download it yourself.. Watch it and tell me what do you think about it..  hehe.. ok... thats all for now..hehe

See you again in my next post!@!@!@


AbzZoNe said...

OOo begitu pula cerita nya..
u never share with me...
mmg, people that we love so much will nvr fade in our HEART, MIND AND MEMORIES...
God Bless

p/s= weyh u od download till wat episode??
mine already episode 16 suda..(season 2 la)

Yasuo Shimizu said...

Hu Hu Hu.. Me mau share la ni..hehe.. Yeah! They're always be in our HEART, MIND & MEMORIES..hehe..

me masi ketinggalan ni.. baru episode 12 season 2..haha.. Suka betul me tgk the cerita.. & i have i person in the story that i can relate with you..~lol

AbzZoNe said...

erm.. really??
who la kunun that person in this cerita..???

Yasuo Shimizu said...

Aik? mau juga tau ka?
Like Datuk Siti song "Biarlah Rahsia"
I'll tell you when the season 2 ends..hehe

AbzZoNe said...

TIDAK ADIL>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!
Bgtau ba!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want 2 watch epi 15 now
Bart mati this hahahha

Yasuo Shimizu said...

tidak adil?? apsal plak tidak adil?
adil ba..hehehe
yea, Bart mati.. kesian si Chuck n Lily..mcm mau gila ody si chuck..hehe